Michael L. Federici, Esq.

Mike comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and small business operators. He’s experienced it first-hand with his family, then working mostly at small firms, and now running his own practice. Taxes, insurance, regulations, professional licensing, employees, contracts, customer complaints – there’s a lot to it.

The last thing any entrepreneur wants to worry about is understanding yet another level of impermeable legalese. That’s where Mike can help. He excels in quickly and efficiently figuring out the legal nature of your needs, then translating them into simple, plain English. His goal is to bring more value to your business than you pay him.

Mike started as a legal secretary at a small plaintiff’s personal injury firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It inspired him to go to law school. He figured if he were going to make that leap, he might as well do it in a nice climate. So, he went to San Diego, graduated a semester early, and passed the California bar exam on his first attempt.

His early career as an attorney was working at a small plaintiff’s personal injury firm in Downtown San Diego. After a couple years, he moved onto an extremely busy boutique litigation firm. There, he learned from two of the best trial attorneys in San Diego for just over four years. He appeared in countless hearings in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles, in both State and federal courts. He helped on two jury trials and tried one small bench trial himself. He worked on several appellate matters in California State courts. Most of his work focused on business, partnership, and real estate disputes, but the practice truly spanned the full gamut. From there, he practiced large-scale employment defense with an AmLaw 100 firm, and was exposed to class action defense and similar work.

Mike is admitted to practice before all the Courts of the States of California, New Jersey, and New York, as well as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. He is also admitted in the United States District Courts for the Southern District of California, the Central District of California, and the District of New Jersey.

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Defamation and Breach of Contract: The Dealer’s Choice

Many times, business owners have contracts with non-disparagement provisions. They rightfully demand and receive assurances from their business associates that they will not disparage the business owner or any of its products or intellectual property. In short – if this goes south, don’t badmouth my company or my products for any reason, and we have…